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    Allbutt Mining Supplies is seeking distributors, agents and representatives from Canada and the United States.

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     The Tuffy Core Cutting Saw is a  sturdy 5HP Baldor motor double belt drive for safety, The core cutting blade are covered for safety.


    Allbutt Mining & Drilling Supplies

    Allbutt Mining Supplies is a young company which started up in 1996 by Cliff Allbutt. Cliff comes from a long family history in the mining and exploration industry. His grandfather, Rod McIsaac, started Midwest Diamond Drilling, McIsaac Drilling and Westcore Drilling in Flin Flon, Thompson and Snow Lake, Manitoba which grew to be an international company. Cliff’s father, William Allbutt, was employed with Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting and then went on to work for Midwest Drilling Head office here in Winnipeg. Learn More

    Diamond Blades For Core Cutting

    Since the successful launch of the Tuffy558 and the Billy Boy line of Core Cutting Diamond Blades we have proved that a good quality blade is worth the investment, Contact us today to learn how you can test our blades.

    Our Diamond Core Cutting Blades (Diamond Blades) are made with years of experience gained from my family's experience manufacturing diamond products in Winnipeg at our Delroc Plant. Our core cutting saw blades are made for the Mining and Drilling Industry for companies who want optimum performance. They are made from special powder treatment and metal bond, High grade diamonds, and diamond concentration for experts. Each blade is mechanically tensioned, manually hammered, and double laser welded on both sides to prevent the segment from coming off.

    We Strive to Ensure Service Excellence

    At Allbutt Mining Supplies we strive to ensure the best customer service. We go that extra mile to do whatever we can to make our customers feel that they are in good and capable hands. Call us today 204-885-2513.

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